Pancake Lunch

I had this for lunch at a nice Hawaiian-style pancake restaurant few days ago. Is there a beach across the street through the window? I wish there was, but there wasn’t. Just a big field.

New Skin.

I changed my blog skin. Maintaining my blog is pretty hard work. Does anyone know easier way to keep my blog updated? I know I don’t have enough ability to blog. I love blogging but I don’t have enough time to write good posts.

Day 28 Of The Remodeling

Day 28 of the remodeling : Carpet tiles are installed. The remodeling has been almost finished.

Day 14 Of The Remodeling

Day 14 of the remodeling : Acoustic isolation mats were installed on every walls. Gypsum boards have started to install on the cieling.

Day 8 Of The Remodeling

Day 8 of the remodeling : The old air fan (broken) was removed, and the hall was closed with a sheathing.

Day 7 Of The Remodeling

Day 7 of the remodeling. The old big window was removed, and two new small square fixed windows have been installed.