Day 28 Of The Remodeling

Day 28 of the remodeling : Carpet tiles are installed. The remodeling has been almost finished.

Day 14 Of The Remodeling

Day 14 of the remodeling : Acoustic isolation mats were installed on every walls. Gypsum boards have started to install on the cieling.

Day 8 Of The Remodeling

Day 8 of the remodeling : The old air fan (broken) was removed, and the hall was closed with a sheathing.

Day 7 Of The Remodeling

Day 7 of the remodeling. The old big window was removed, and two new small square fixed windows have been installed.

Day 3 Of The Remodeling.

Day 3 of the remodeling. The new insulating materials have started to be installed. Some electrical outlets moved to new places.

Preparing For The Construction

Disassembling my 37U Middle Atlantic studio rack. I’m considering whether I should use this or not after the remodeling. Removed network equipments from my 21U rack, and now ready to move the rack to my living room.